Weddings 2015- Kaitlin and Jesse

We had a lot of beautiful weddings in 2015, but the flowers on this one REALLY stood out. They were all done by the wonderful Ogle Bloom who really rocked the whole concept of a flower crown. She did such an amazing job that a bridal portrait of Kaitlin got featured on a Buzzfeed post which was pretty exciting!

Jesse and Kaitlin are two pretty fabulous people. In fact, I went to highschool with Kaitlin, which is how she found us! I love shooting for friends, it adds an extra element of the special to the day. And they always ask me to dance with them, something I not so secretly love to do!

They got married on the balcony which looked amazing. We managed to do all of their family formals on the balcony as well, which was quite useful!

Their couples portraits we shot on the boat dock just below, as well as in a small wooded area leading to a small rock beach off the side of the property, which made getting around quite easy and time efficient, as it was pretty much about 20 feet away from where the dinner was happening.

And Oh my goodness didn't she look just amazing in that dress? My jaw literally dropped when she pulled it out, so floaty and gorgeous.

Jesse is quite a humorous gentleman. I'd met him previously when we shot a wedding where he was a groomsmen in 2014, and our personalities just meshed, which led to quite a wonderful working relationship. I think it's really important for you to be able to mesh personality wise with your wedding photographer, and to make sure their style and philosophy matches with your wedding day, else you might be disappointed with the photos you get. However, I think that we definitely meshed, and the photos really speak for themselves!

Check out their Full wedding!

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